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East Texas Instruments Microscope Repair Welcome to East Texas Instruments, we provide a wide range of services and products to assit you in your laboratory requirements. We provide exceptional service, cleaning, maintenance and calibration of your Microscopes, Balances, Spectrophotometers and related laboratory instrumentation. We value your business and our reputation to provide you with the very best service and strive to exceed your expectations. We cover Texas, Oklahoma, Louisianna, Colorado, Florida as the need arises. We have provided exceptional service since 1983 We are a small company; as such we provide hands on consultation and service onsite in most cases. Get in touch with us for all your scientific requirements today!
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We specialize in microscope service and repair, mechanical balance calibration and other scientific equipment repair. If it works in a lab, chances are we can fix it for you. Leaving your equipment improperly cared for over a long period of time can lead to costly repairs in the future or, worse, inoperative results. Give your equipment the same love and appreciation you do to the scientific cause.

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Microscope Repair by East Texas Instruments

Microscopes give us unparalleled views into the tiny worlds that exist all around us. It would be a shame to muddy that picture with an improperly cared for microscope. Scientific work requires a precision and accuracy not common in other fields. 


Balance Calibration

 The level of certainty in your measurements can only go as high as the precision of your instruments. Delicate instruments like microscopes require a knowledgeable hand to guarantee the clearest picture. Here in Dallas, we got the job handled.


EKG Machines Repair by East Texas Instruments

Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG) is the process of recording the electrical, actually muscle activity that is created from an electrical impulse. Microscopes give us unparalleled views into the tiny worlds that exist all around us.


Electrophoresis Repair by East Texas Instruments

Electrophoresis is used in laboratories to separate macromolecules based on size. The technique applies a negative charge so proteins move towards a positive charge. Electrophoresis is used for both DNA and RNA analysis.


Spectrophotometers Repair by East Texas Instruments

In chemistry, spectrophotometry is the quantitative measurement of the reflection or transmission properties of a material as a function of wave length. It is more specific than the general term electromagnetic spectroscopy techniques.

Van de Graaff generator

Van de Graaff Generators Repair by East Texas Instruments

A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to accumulate electric charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of an high-voltage Van de Graaff generators.

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