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We Are Texas’ Finest Scientific Equipment Repair Company Since 1983


Texas is home to some of the world’s finest scientific institutions and we are glad to have been a part of them for over 30 years. Science and discovery are our passion and there is no better place to be a part of the scientific community than Texas. We’ve got industry and academia, public and private, from grade schools to universities. You can encounter every level of scientific inquiry throughout the city. It is our goal to be a strong member of the community and support the learning process in sciences of all levels and types.

Whatever your specialty, you need reliable equipment functioning properly to conduct your research. Our task is to meet the needs of your laboratory in a convenient and professional manner so you can get back to your experiments as soon as possible.

We build our reputation by ensuring our client’s satisfaction for every job. If you ask around, you’ll probably hear about the quality work we’ve done over the years. Our unique perspective developed over decades of experience with laboratory equipment repair means you will be able to trust your measurements with the utmost certainty. East Texas Instruments will get you the results you need fast and effectively. Don’t waste another minute! Contact us today!


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