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Microscopes give us unparalleled views into the tiny worlds that exist all around us. It would be a shame to muddy that picture with an improperly cared for microscope. Scientific work requires a precision and accuracy not common in other fields. The level of certainty in your measurements can only go as high as the precision of your instruments. Delicate instruments like microscopes require a knowledgeable hand to guarantee the clearest picture. Here in Dallas, we got the job handled.

Countless scientists have worked hard to produce effective means of peering into the previously unknown microscopic world. Over the decades, our technology has advanced at such a rate as to leave behind the at-home garage scientist from being the all in one engineer and theoretical experimenter. As science becomes more specialized, it is important to delegate tasks to individuals with experience in a certain field.

A microscope user should always leave any repairs or calibrations to qualified technicians lest they fall into making vital errors. Our microscope repair guarantees the best in technical knowledge and understanding of the inner mechanisms of the device. However, proper care and cleaning can be important in avoiding problems.

Be sure to always seal your microscope with a proper dust cover when not in use, or in storage. Keep your microscope clear of chemicals that may cause corrosion. Always store the microscope with plenty of space to keep the eyepieces clear of contact. Place the objectives on their lowest possible setting and make sure the arms and head are protruding as little as possible. Keeping your microscope clean and safely stored are the best preventive measures you can take to keep this valuable lab equipment working.

But, no matter how well you care for it, sometimes microscope repair will be required due to use or age. Here at East Texas Instruments, we make sure everything is done right. Ask about our microscope repair!